Untold Story

In 1986, I was living and working in Galveston Texas.  I had met, hired and offered a young hitchhiker a place to stay.  He was from the Seattle area.  He told me about his friends and connections to the music scene.  He felt they were all on the verge of the big time.  My roommates name was Andrew Wood.  It was through him that I was introduced to a young 19 year old artist by the name of Kurt  Cobain.  We were introduced to one another on the telephone.  That telephone conversation lead to a long distance telephone friendship that spanned eight years.  During our conversations I shared my insights and the story of my 1978 near death experience where I felt my spirit had been taken a walk on the stairway to heaven - literally.

The Conversations

I grew close to Kurt in spirit through the years.  There is an ancient Celtic word - anam cara which translates into 'friend of the soul.'   During our initial conversation - the mystical theme came to the surface and we spoke about the 'sense of familiarity' we had with one another even though we had never met in person prior.  I felt as if I had known him my entire life.   In fact, we both mentioned dreams we had prior and in our childhood about meeting one another.   We felt we were destined to meet in this life time due to a connection established in a past life.  

I had parted company with Andy in 1986 with an understanding that we would meet up again in 1991. I had to go overseas for an obligation.   Andy had a prophetic vision he shared with me.  He told me that he felt 'spirit' had revealed to him that he was going to be called home within four years.  I didn't want this prediction to be true.   I felt a spiritual dream revealed the truth to me in 1990.   I buried the reality of his demise because in my heart he was very much still alive.  I had ceased my communication with Kurt during a two year period because I didn't want to face the truth of Andy's death.  

When Kurt and I contacted one another again in 1992,  he was the only artist I dealt with concerning Andy's demise.  I was running in denial.  Kurt was aware of this and was trying to get me to face the facts and accept the reality of his demise.  This was the reason I avoided traveling to Seattle in 1992 and the following years. 

When I heard the unexpected news of Kurt's demise in 1994 - I had a slight nervous breakdown.  I once again did as I had done in the past.  I went into denial and buried all memories of Kurt and Andy.  It was as if they had never been a part of my life.  

In 2005, my past caught up to me when I watched a movie that contained images of the wake of Kurt's passing.   I felt hot lava burning inside of my stomach.   I finally sought  understanding and looked for the answers to why the mention of this Seattle artist would be like a hot poker in my side. 

The memories returned to the surface slowly in the year 2007 and I was blown away by the hidden truth.   When I went into denial - I had formed a pocket of disassociation in my subconscious.   Kurt and I had never met face to face so I didn't' have an image of him in my mind.  He was always just a voice on the telephone line.   I had buried any and all association with the 'public' image including his name.  All I had a memory of was a reference to 'a friend' from Seattle. 

I have started a blog where I will be recording the memories I share with Kurt and the conversations we had about the afterlife and the mystical aftermath of my own personal near death experiences. 

For the record, I know he didn't commit suicide.  We spoke at great length about this subject matter.  People can draw their own conclusions. 

I will be writing and sharing the stories as time allows.


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