Mr Lovedog

Lyrics: by Faster Pussycat

Mr. Lovedog (LP Version)

I left the evergreen combat zone,
for a taste of a better life for me,
The star dog left the mother bone,
for a jewel he'd never find or see,
You may have hated me, I don't know,
But I loved the way you played your role,
You couldn't stop to kick the jive,
it left your kin with salty eyes.

Hey Mr. Lovedog, You Will Always Be
The one back home that could have had it all
Hey Mr. LoveDog, you never really knew me,
god bless your velvet gifted soul,
Makes no sense at all,
Now you're the holy roller,
with the hub cap diamond star halo,
This is goodbye to captain Hi-top,
Hope your Pearl Jam can keep it strong
They may have hated me, I don't know


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