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Mother Love Bone was an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington in 1988. The band was active from 1988 to 1990. Frontman Andrew Wood's personality and compositions helped to catapult the group to the top of the burgeoning late 1980s/early 1990s Seattle music scene. Wood died only days before the scheduled release of the band's debut album, Apple, thus ending the group's hopes of success. The album was finally released a few months later. Although Mother Love Bone is remembered by many as a very talented band in its own right, its legacy, for some, is overshadowed by Wood's death and the bands that its former members would later form, most notably Pearl Jam.

Crown of Thorns ~ Lyrics

you ever heard the story of mr. faded glory?
say he who rides a pony must someday fall
i been talkin' to my alter
life is what you make it
and if you make it death well then rest your soul away
away away yeah child
it's a broken kind of feeling
she'd have to tie me to the ceiling
a bad moon's a comin' better say your prayers
i wanna tell her that i love her
but does it really matter?
i just can't stand to see you dragging down
so i'm singing
this is my kinda love it's the kind that moves on
it's unkind and leaves me alone
yes it does
i uses to treat you like a lady
now you're a substitute teacher
this bottle's not a pretty, not a pretty sight
i owe the man some money so i'm turnin over honey
you see mr. faded glory is once again doin' time
this is my kinda love
it's the kind that moves on
it's unkind and leaves me alone
yes it does
like a crown of thorns it's all who you know
so don't burn your bridges woman cause someday, yeah
kick it!
baby i said com' on, com' on, com' on, com' on yeah i said baby
don't burn your bridges woman

Mother Love Bone

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