Soular Reunion: Journey of the Beloved

My Review: 

After my 2007 experience - I started recalling that I had many mystical experiences relating to a 'near death experience' I had in 1978.  The main theme for many years to follow as the 'twin' (or dual) spirit concept. 

I had met my own twin spirit in 1977 and unfortunately - the person passed away in 1978.  The spirit of my 'twin' stayed with me until 1982 as an angelical type of guide.  I was introduced to four other soulmates - whose 'twin's' where on the 'celestial' side of the void.  It was all a mystery to me.  I was constantly having dreams where the theme was explained to me directly by the 'twin' who was on the other side.

This book touched on many of the themes.  I am not 100% in agreement with the authors views but it was the best book I found on the market dealing with the basics of the 'twin spirit' aspect of soulmates.




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