Greif and Forgiveness


Enlightenment"Enlightenment" is the first and only publication rendering into English the ideas and concepts presented by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth in His ancient Aramaic rather than by simple substitution of an English word for an Aramaic word as if the English language had a word for the Aramaic words of Jesus. This is just not so. This word substitution system has denied us knowledge from Jesus that we need and outright falsified some of His teachings. The English language has words for Latin and Greek words, but, as scholars are now beginning to recognize after 1600 years, that Jesus of Nazareth spoke in an ancient Aramaic tongue, as did the people of Nazareth.

One example is the fact there are two words for law in the ancient Aramaic of Jesus but only one in English and Latin. Jesus plainly said to obey both, Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God, that which is God's". It is easy to recognize which is which. All laws are caused by forces, some from man and some from off the Earth. Those from off the earth causing laws on earth are God's laws. Those laws were eliminated by the word substitution system, as we had no word for forces from off the earth causing laws for us. Gravity is a force from off the earth causing the laws of gravity. Who is so foolish as to think this law is from men. Aramaic has a word "rukha" which stands for the forces of God causing laws on earth a concept not shown in Greek or Latin based Bibles.

The Aramaic word for the neighbor we are to love includes all near us, all we think about and have thought about including ourselves. That word in Aramaic is "kareb". The Aramaic expands those we must love under the Second Commandment to include all within our awareness. Forgive in English often means to "let him off the hook" as apparently taught at Yale, Georgetown and Oxford, but in Aramaic it means to restore love by canceling the cause of its loss. The Love we are to have for Neighbor, "rakhma", in Aramaic means unconditional love. We have no word for such an attitude in English.

Use of these three concepts from the Aramaic have changed the counseling business in several countries. Love as Unconditional Love, Neighbor as all you are aware of including yourself, and Forgiving as restoring Love, Neighbor as all you are aware of including yourself, and Forgiving as restoring Love have stabilized the mentally ill, rehabilitated criminals, halted delinquency and restored broken marriages in countless instances. There is much more enlightenment to be had from the ancient Aramaic teachings of Jesus delivered into English in this second revision of "Enlightenment."

What is true forgiveness?

True forgiveness is a lot like Einstein’s theory of relativity: A lot of us have heard about it, but not many truly understand it. Let’s clear up some of that confusion right now. Webster defines it this way: “To cease to feel resentment towards an offender.” The Hebrew definition is, “To restore love by canceling the cause of its loss.” The Aramaic word (“shbakn”) translated as “to forgive,” means “to free, to release, or to untie.” Source: True Forgiveness Online Workshop

Grief, Forgiveness and Creativity

Grief is an essential active internal process of emotional recycling that helps make us available for new living and new ways of living after loss, which is sure to come because it is part of the natural order of things. “Man is born to troubles as the sparks fly up from the fire,” says Job’s wise friend Eliphaz. Roger A. Lewin

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