Sleep and ADC

Sleep-state ADCs are much more vivid, intense, colorful, and real than dreams. They are very common. Both one-way and two-way communications are typical. You usually feel your loved one is with you in person – that you're having an actual visit together. These experiences are not jumbled, filled with symbols, or fragmented the way dreams are.

Sleep-state ADCs are similar to those that occur when you are wide awake. Your relative or friend can come to you more easily, however, when you are relaxed, open, and receptive, such as while you are in the alpha state or asleep.


There is a vast accumulation of data proving that the ego or individual can and does leave the body during sleep. The blood recedes from the brain, which can then no longer function. Yet much mental activity may take place, together with many authentic experiences of far-away places. A person can, during sleep, solve intricate problems which have beaten him during the day. He can also tell the time and awaken at any hour decided upon. He can function in a complex world of happenings which he calls ‘dreams’.

We are told that if the ego leaves the physical body during sleep he does so clothed in his mental and astral ‘bodies’, in which he is as mobile as electricity. The physical body is left enveloped in its etheric body or couble, that counterpart of the human being formed of ‘condensed ethers’, through which the life-forces are fed to the tissues from the surrounding ethers.

Man’s various ‘bodies’ are linked together by a vital elastic cord, operating rather like an electric current without the wire. This cord is a kind of umbilical cord which joins the ego and his vehicles to that part of Mother Earth which is his physical body. When it snaps he is born into the ‘after-life’ and we say that he is dead. This cord is referred to in the Bible as the ‘Silver Cord’. As long as it is intact the traveling ego is able to get back into his body as surely as a telephone message can travel along the wire.

We are told that the only difference between ‘life’ and ‘death’ is the sundering of this subtle link which binds a person to his physical body.

A strong desire to see a friend may often take the sleeper to see that friend, who may be either awake in his physical body or himself traveling, while ‘asleep’, in the astral realms.

In this way, it is said, many important meetings and actions are rehearsed by the people concerned days before they occur. This would explain why one often has the feeling of knowing just what is going to be said or done. It is possible in that way that many prophecies are given.

In this connection we should notice the extreme significance which all ancient nations attached to dreams. The power clearly to remember one’s dreams was cultivated assiduously by the priesthood, as was also the ability to interpret the dream. An adept in these matters was held in highest esteem by the nation, whose affairs were regulated according to the instructions or prophecies so given. Joseph of the Old Testament was such a case. Cheating or incompetence in these matters was a heinous crime. Josiah of the bible was told that false dreamers should be put to death. Alexander the Great spoke of dreams as the greatest chance man has of acquiring knowledge.

Martin Luther said that the correct translation of ‘He giveth His beloved sleep’ is ‘He giveth to His beloved during sleep.’

The whole history of the Bible, as well as many other ancient histories, revolves round the importance of visions, prophecies and dreams.

What are we doing now about this interesting activity which takes up nearly a third of our living hours?

The first step would be to obtain through concentration and practice a clearer recollection of our dreams. To do this it is necessary to try to visualise the Astral Plane as it really is. This is difficult because once we are free in the Astral World conditions are utterly different. Then around us pulsates the living malleable astral stuff, which is free from the laws of gravitation, and which moulds itself at once into form under the impetus of our minds. If we want a horse, for example, we involuntarily and rapidly build one with our thoughts, and it is only such a horse as our powers of visualization and observation can produce! So we are told that at night the astral realms are peopled with sleepers surrounded by their ‘dreams’ or creations, which are sometimes ludicrous in the incompleteness of their conception. Apparently a person can, therefore, either actually meet his friend in sleep or converse with his own conception of his friend, which he has created. How near he gets to his desire depends on the extent of his concentration and will-power.

Another condition of the Astral World is that many things can be happening in the same spot without being aware of one another, as it were, the different grades or vibrations of astral stuff flowing through and interpenetrating without losing their separate identities (in much the same was as we when in physical bodies can walk right through in ‘ghost’). Here we enter the realm of the Fourth Dimension. If we have had no personal experience of it, we can only understand it by studying the thousands of descriptions given to us throughout history by those who had.

The jar of returning from those subtler realms into the heavy vibrations of our physical bodies, at the moment of awakening, usually shatters the memory of our experience. We retain at best a jumbled and inconsequent translation of our dream. This is where the need of training comes in. We should concentrate on exercising a strong grip upon ourselves at the instant of awakening. By this simple expedient we may soon learn consciously to profit by our nightly experiences.

Also, before sleeping we should tune our minds to our highest aspirations, as this will determine the realms we are able to reach. If the mind is clogged with petty earthly considerations, such as the price of food or a quarrel with a neighbor, its owner is naturally drawn to the same type of vibration when asleep in the astral world.

Let us now consider what is said to happen when Death has snapped the Silver Cord, and the person is finally separated from his physical body. We are told that often it may take a little while for the individual to realize that he is ‘dead’. But for some time prior to this he has been building in the astral stuff the kind of Heaven or after-life to which he aspires.

Of course, thousands build a Heaven with golden streets and angels playing on harps. These numberless living ‘thought-forms’ cohere by the law of attraction into one great whole, so that the conventional ‘Heaven’ is actually there awaiting its owners.

Those who expect, because of their guilt, hell-fire and goblins, have created that charming reception for themselves also!

The miser will probably have made for his use a heaven full of nothing but gold pieces. The Eastern pasha will certainly get his Paradise of Houris. The disbeliever in after-life will have created for himself a horrible blank abyss.

We are told, then, that people remain imprisoned in their self-constructed Paradises until they become so weary of the limitations of their own desires that they are gradually freed from them, and the mind is able to expand and aspire to fresh ideals. Eventually the ego is free to pass through these lower astral realms, known as Purgatory, purged finally of petty wishes and conceptions, and enjoy the higher states of Paradise to which it has learnt to orient itself.

We have heard of the Third Heaven and the Seventh Heaven, without probably giving a second thought to those terms. There are apparently vistas of amazing worlds ahead of us which only open up to our understanding in measure as we develop our minds and our aspiration to meet them.

We must realize that life on the Physical Plane is but a fraction of the whole and that the Sage or Yogi of both East and West is endeavoring to train his mind to a state of continued unbroken consciousness throughout waking, sleeping, death, and onwards to the next incarnation upon this earth.

In this way does a man finally become a god.
-Finding of the Third Eye