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24 percent of Americans say they believe in reincarnation, according to a 2008 Harris poll. 53 percent don't believe and 23 percent are not sure. In a recent Fox/News poll 8% responded that they had personal experience with reincarnation. 

In religious terms, the human narrative — birth, life, death and rebirth — has for millennia been relatively straightforward in the West. You were born. You lived. You died. After a judgment you went to heaven (or hell) forever and ever. Eternity was the end: no appeals allowed.

But nearly a billion Hindus and a half-billion Buddhists — not to mention the ancient Greeks, certain Jews and a few Christians — have for thousands of years believed something entirely different. Theirs is, as the theologians say, a cyclical view. You are born. You live. You die. And because nobody’s perfect, your soul is born again — not in another location or sphere, and not in any metaphorical sense, but right here on earth. NY Times

Missing Link Jewish TalesThe concept of reincarnation has been present in virtually every culture since ancient times. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs all believed in the "transmigration of souls" from one body to another after death. It's a fundamental precept of Hinduism. Although reincarnation is not a part of official Christian doctrine, many Christians believe in it or at least accept its possibility.

The fact that reincarnation is part of Jewish tradition comes as a surprise to many people.  Nevertheless, it's mentioned in numerous places throughout the classical texts of Jewish mysticism, starting with the preeminent sourcebook of Kabbalah, the Zohar. (See: Reincarnation: The Transmigration of a Jewish Idea)


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Reincarnation Stories
Reincarnation Stories
Rebirth-type Experience My Grandson's Former Life?  Egyptian Royalty
From the Past? He Was a Little Girl  I Lived During the Inquisition
Curious Brussel Sprouts or "Olivers" Fear of Water
Room with a View A Child's Knowledge  I Was a Civil War Nurse
Saw My Father Die I Was an Egyptian Physician  I Survived Atlantis
Knowledge The Memory of a Fire  Crucified on a Cross
A Holy Grail Brief of End Times Can He Be His Own Grandfather? I Was a Well Known Author
Multi Dimensional the Soul A Castle Under Attack I Was a Roman Slave Girl
Young Age Remembering Old Paths I Stabbed Husband to Death
Relentless Wolf Dreams Since Was I a Holocaust Victim? Egyptian Royalty
The Smell of Soap My Other Daddy Japanese Woman
17th Century Witch Trial A Toddler Remembers Native American Woman
My Past Life Experiences Did I "Kill" My Grandson Atlantis Was My Home
Lost Love Reunited 400 Years Was I a Tzar? Being a Healer in Atlantis
A Life at Sea Part of Tsar's Family? Married To An Irish Musician
Lost Behind Enemy Lines Did I Know Joan of Arc?  I was a young Dutch Woman
Life as a Cockroach My Mom/My Baby I lived in Scotland in 1685
My Possible past Life I Was a Deaf Child I Was An English Housekeeper
I Feel It A Prisoner of the Nazis Daughter Describes Pyramids
Bratty Boy My Son, My Brother Siblings Recall Past Lives
A Medieval Life Was I A Russian Peasant?  4 Year Boy Misses His Old Mom
From the Past? Flight 93? Crystal Child Daughter
Rebirth-type Experience Wounded in the Civil War? Old Man Nephew
Watching TV Our Former Lives Shark Attacked Me
Pianos Death in a Medieval Castle  Dream Memories
South Wales about 1520 Was I Formerly Italian?  Son Remembers Dying
My Past Lives Remembering D-Day My Mom Remembers
WWII Naval Officer? Child's Frightening Memory Daughter Recalls Drowning
My Past Life A Murder Victim Mommy, I Died
My Best Friend Twice Remembering Pearl Harbor? Killed in a gang shooting
The Man in the Mask Remembering Being Big  Two Deaths Recalled
Understanding Russian A Mother-Daughter Memory I died on board the Titanic
Tidbits of Tita Child's Recall  I was shot to death
Three Past Lives Childhood VIsion Emotional Remembrance
Many Past Lives Hiding From the Nazis I was a hippie in the 70s
Maximus Rex Glimpsing My Past Life I Died on the Titanic
WWI and WWII Confirmation of a Vision  I was a hunter and a warrior
Came Back to Haunt Me Two Stories I Was A Soldier in World War I
Almost Like Memories A Past Life In China  I toured on the USS Yorktown
Reincarnation Memory of a Flood I was an army officer
Pirate Festival Vallejo: Child's Past-Life Memory Japanese Samurai Warrior
Past Life Experiences Meeting Across the Centuries  gypsy/ prostitute WWII
I Saw My Past Life Am I My Sister? 3 y/o Recalls Past Life Death
Past Life? My Death in Egypt  Kindergartner Struggles
My Past Life? Murdered in a Windmill Daughter Asks to Go Home
A King Warrior in Genghis Khan's Army Son Remembers Being in a War
My Past Life My Three-Year-Old Niece: Son Past Life Friend
Jailed in the Past Coming Back as a Baby 3yo Son Past Life as a Woman
Dizzy and the White Light I Was Murdered Twice My Life as a Gay Man
The Holocaust Regressed to a Previous Life Indian Village Was Massacred
Past Life Accounts Was I a Nazi? My Name Was Running Bear
Meditation Past Life Regression Two Previous Life Flashbacks Oracle Teller
American Indian I Was a Bank Robber Teothihuacan Priest
Medieval at Arms to North A Phobia Cured  Executed Concentration Camp
Am I Remembering a Past Life? I Died on 9/11 Experienced My Own Death
Past Life in the 20's A Runner in Nazi Germany Guilt Feelings
My Old Soul Knows About Me? My Past Life Regression I Remember the Holocaust
I Saw My Past Life Again Ancient Egypt  My Life as a Gypsy Dancer
A Past Life Different World Always a Warrior Scotland in 1685
The Dream A Memory of Murder  Past Life Memories
4th of July Jump into the Past Reincarnation Story My Son I Died at Age 16
Mayan or Aztec Indian Royalty My Life as a Quaker I Lived as a Leper
Back in Time My Lives in Egypt Dream Memories
Possible Past Life Two Children  Daughter Recalls Drowning
My Secret Together in Africa  Crystal Child Daughter
Nazi Prison Camp Killed by a Pharaoh? 4 Year Boy Misses His Old Mom
Relationship and Rooms My Life as Sophie Daughter Egyptian Pyramids
My Haunting Past My Life in a Shipping Family Mommy, I Died
Who Am I? Killed by the Nazis? Young Son
A Life of Doubt Visions of Ancient Egypt  Mommy,

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Jim Tucker

How could anyone possibly take seriously a three-year-old golfing prodigy's claim to be legendary 13-time major winner Bobby Jones? Or another boy from Louisiana who recalls being a Second World War pilot shot down over the Pacific?

Jim TuckerA world renowned professor for a start. Dr Jim Tucker's remarkable experiences with these children, many who can recall intimate details of their past lives in pin-sharp detail - and with no prompting - has led him to the conclusion that reincarnation is real.

Over the past 10-years, Dr Jim Tucker has traveled the country meeting  families and hearing fantastical incredible stories just like these, which he outlines in his new book, Return To Life: Extraordinary Cases Of Children Who Remember Past Lives.

Jim Tucker Book

Carol Bowman

Carol Bowman Carol Bowman began her research into children's past lives when each of her two children had a spontaneous past-life memory. In her quest to understand what had happened to them, she discovered that very little practical information had been written on the subject. So she wrote her first book, Children's Past Lives , which was published by Bantam Books in 1997, as a practical guide for those encountering past-life memories in children. Her second book, Return From Heaven , on reincarnation within the same family, was published by HarperCollins in 2001. Her books have been translated into more than sixteen foreign languages. Past Life Center.

Buy Childrens Past Lives at Amazon  Return From Heaven  Childrens Past Lives