What is the Soul?

What are these questions? Who Am I really? What am I doing here? Where did I come from? Am I more than my body? What is my soul? What happens when I die? Have I lived here before? How can I find inner peace? And most important of all: Who and what is God?

The following text is an excerpt from "From the Stars."  A free ebook offered by Nicholas F. Schmidt, Ph.D

The mystical teachings say that each individual soul is a fragment of God; something like a miniaturized version of our Source.

In the Beginning...

In order to understand how all of this began, we must look into the spiritual teachings of the Eastern mystics and some of the channeled insights we have received over the years. There is a common theme that runs through all of it. And it is no accident that this sacred body of mystical knowledge is making its presence felt at this moment in time.

Humanity is slowly awakening to its true spiritual nature and, as we do, our minds and hearts are opening to this new wisdom in our midst. More importantly we are getting ready to live it now and over the many lifetimes we'll experience during the 2160-year Age of Aquarius. This will be a time when relationships foster spiritual growth between lovers. And that is a big difference from the past age of Pisces, when couples stayed together for purposes of survival more than anything else.

The mystical teachings say that each individual soul is a fragment of God; something like a miniaturized version of our Source. God has a dual nature or essence, which is an equal blend of the masculine-feminine, yin-yang principle. The dynamic interplay that occurs between the male-female energy of Father/Mother God is responsible for the incredible, creative forces that originate within their divine mind. Since everything that exists comes from Them, the male-female essence is found in all things, including you.

Not surprisingly, our individual souls contain an equal blend of Father/Mother's masculine and feminine essence. That blend can be likened to a magnet, which has two polarities. One is positive, the other negative. But the magnet is whole within itself. At the soul level we are neither female nor male. We are both. Just as God is.

In order to understand how the soulmate and twin soul concept fits into all of this, we need to go back to the beginning. Literally.

Before our souls and the universe came into being, all was ONE within the realm of the Absolute or the mind of God. Nothing else existed. There was no division, no separation, no opposites, no conflicts and no contrasts. Just the purest unity, bliss, joy and love imaginable. In that state of being, God could only know things, but not feel and experience them. In order to experience and feel, there had to be an opposite for everything that exists.

To remedy that dilemma, God created our souls and a place where there could be countless experiences and feelings. That place is the physical universe in which we now find ourselves, complete with galaxies, stars, planets, intelligent life, feelings, emotions and so on. As souls, we agreed to leave the Absolute for a while to experience and feel its offerings and God would do the same through us. Another way to say this is that when we smell a rose, Gods smells a rose. Our connection with our Source is that intimate.

In a flash of God’s magnificent mind and imagination, the material universe in which we live was created. All of it is a place of exquisite duality. For everything that exists, including our emotions, there is an opposite for it. For heat there is cold, for darkness there is light, for health there is sickness, for anger there is forgiveness, for hatred there is compassion, for love there is fear, and so on. Without these opposites how could we and God appreciate the wonder of joy unless there was sadness to compare it to?

God also brought into being the greatest opposite of all. It was the feminine and masculine energy or the male-female principle, which is a truly awesome gift. As we awaken spiritually, we are becoming more and more aware of the male/female energies and the profound implications they will have during our relationship with another.

When we begin to understand and appreciate the origin of our souls and how this led to the soulmate and twin soul concepts, we will want no other kind of partnership. That is why the New Age of Aquarius, which will be a time of love, peace, truth and harmony, will also set the stage for grander soul-to-soul couplings. It promises to be incredible. And it's already beginning to happen.

When our souls were released from the Absolute into the universe to experience and to feel, a series of divisions or separations took place. The original ONE SOUL fragmented into massive bodies of souls (over souls). They in turn divided into races or groups of souls. The human race is one of those them. The divisions continued until it reached a point where small, intimate families of souls came into being. Eventually, individual souls existed. That is where we find ourselves now. As we return to God during our cosmic adventure, this process will be reversed.

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