Both the Bible and the history book, while being compiled for us, have passed through intensive censorships, besides suffering at the hands of unenlightened translators.

Path of Attainment

The result is that our orthodox education, both in religion and history, is often very misleading, and keeps us in complete ignorance of large and vital aspects of humanity’s evolution.

Much of the records of the knowledge to which we would like to have access has been carefully guarded, secreted and even destroyed during periods when it was considered more expedient to keep the people in ignorance.

Nevertheless, there is still a wealth of literature all over the world awaiting the explorer. If he pursues his inquiries with patience and discrimination the following points will come to light.

The history of this earth is infinitely older than the modern historian admits. There exist many and various sects, orders, and religious and philosophical fraternities, who all possess exhaustive records and treatises describing the evolution of man upon this planet, and of the part that our Solar System plays in the Cosmic scheme.

If the pure and original root of these different beliefs can be uncovered, it will be found to be identical in most respects. In each case we will discover that the One god over all was acknowledged, and that the existence of the Hierarchy was well understood, and was tabulated and represented under the names of various gods and goddesses, nature-spirits and demons. The seven Great Spirits, their colours, attributes and elements, the seven planes and man’s sevenfold bodies were all carefully studied and analyzed. The great Cosmic Cycles and Periods, as ruled by the Signs of the Zodiac and all the astrological influences, both psychic and chemical, were subject to intensive research. The laws of Rebirth and Karma were embodied in all these beliefs.

We find that at the zenith of their civilization the various great ancient nations had perfected this knowledge and by its means produced immortal monuments to their science, such as the Great Pyramid. It transpires that such a golden period in the history of a nation was followed by crystallization, stagnancy, degeneration and a final breaking up, leaving only distorted misunderstood relics of the once-great knowledge. We learn that such great cycles were said to occur regularly under astrological influences which provide for the continual recommencing of man’s lesson on a higher turn of the Spiral of Evolution, so that his development becomes ever subtler and more complete. Before each new surge forward of enlightenment man must be borne down within the crouching wave and submerged in darkness and ignorance.

In all these records reference is made to the wonderful Golden Age which occurred on the continent of Atlantis, which was said to have submerged during its proceeding period of degeneration. Mankind was said to have been taught the Ageless Wisdom by the gods themselves upon Atlantis, and to have carried its remnants with them in all directions as they fled to safer land. The story of Noah and the Ark is repeated in many tongues and in not very varied guise.

The Atlanteans were said to have founded the Egyptian culture and to have built the Sphinx, and their descendants the Pyramids. It is believed that the early Egyptian religion thus founded was the father of all the faiths which spread across Europe and Asia, as far north as the Esquimaux and the Laplanders, and as far east as China and Japan. In South America also perhaps the greatest of Atlantean colonizations took place, but at a still earlier date.

There have been at least 300 books written about Atlantis. The remains of its root language are said to be found in identical form among the Welsh, Irish, Basques, Western Spanish, and on the Canary Islands, Azores, Easter Island and in Mexico; as well as certain practices and beliefs. The Druids of England were believed to be the descendants of Atlanteans who built Stonehenge and other little-understood monuments in the British Isles.

We find also that a realization and consciousness of the inner realities was the prerogative of ancient man all over the world even if he lived as a barbarian. He did not need to believe in an after-live and a world of spirits. He knew. He saw ‘ghosts’, and he understood their difference from spirits. He communed with his dead. He knew of the nature-spirits, who ruled the elements; he understood their qualities, colours and their prototypes among the animals; he used animal effigies to represent them.

The Zuni Indians prayed to seven great nature-gods by means of the seven colours painted on their prayer-sticks.

The Tibetans also pray in accordance with colours, and designed different-coloured masks embellished with a large third eye for their ‘devil-dances’.

In New Guinea the doctors paint their patients with the colours of the particular Spirits needed to effect a cure.

The Early Britons painted themselves with the colours needed to stimulate their prowess.

The colour of the Spirit of Darkness was usually black, of Light, White; of water and vegetation, green; of air, blue, and of fire, red. There was always the one Great Spirit over all whose colour was Golden.

In Egypt Horus was white, Osiris black, Shu red, Amen blue, and Num green.

The Egyptian Wisdom was brought to a high point under Ptah in the Temple of Memphis.

Wise men and students traveled from all over the world to study with the Egyptian priesthood, whose famous pupils included Moses, Jesus and Pythagoras, it is said.

The Egyptians named, described, and drew man’s seven bodies, and went fully into all his activities after death. They understood the etheric, astral, mental and spiritual planes, also purgatory, paradise and the successive heavens.

In their renowned collection of pictures and writings called The Book of the Dead most of their beliefs are set forth. They considered each human being as living with one goal in view, that of perfecting his character in earthly life in preparation for his journey through the ‘nether’ world or astral planes, and his gradual progress through the subtler planes to ‘paradise’ or the heaven-world, helped by the various workers and representatives of the spiritual hierarchy.

The greater part of the Egyptian consciousness was concentrated upon the Path of Attainment and the evolution of mankind. By means of astronomy and astrology they mapped out a wonderful and stupendous panorama of the Plan of Evolution and the history of the world.

They originated the belief in the Messiah, whom they called the Ever-coming One. He was the Egyptian Jesus, called Iusa or Horus, and was reborn every 2500 years, or every time the earth passed into the next Sign of the Zodiac. During each of these great two-thousand-year periods He embodied the quality, lesson and type of the Sign. For instance, under the Sign Leo, Iusa or Horus was worshipped as a young lion and it is probable that the Sphinx was raised in his honour. He was born as a Scarabaeus in Cancer 10-12,000 years ago, in which Sign was also the crib or manger Star, and that of the Ass. During that period the scarab was worshipped. During the Sign of Taurus the Bull. He was born and worshipped as the Golden Calf. During the Jewish Dispensation He was reborn as a lamb in the Sign of Aries the Ram. And finally in the Christian Era in the Sign of Pisces the Fish He came as the Jesus Christ of the New Testament. The Sign of Jesus was a fish, which is still engraved upon the Pope’s seal ring; the Early Christians were known as the Pisciculi.

The cross was used 7000 years ago in Egypt to represent the power that upholds the human soul in death. The story of Jesus, of the Annunciation, the virgin birth, of His baptism, temptation, teaching, miracles, disciples, the Last Supper and His resurrection had all existed and been elaborated in Egypt for 10,000 years. (Ancient Egypt the Light of the World by Gerald Massey) Apparently it was merely adapted by the writers of the New Testament and modeled on to the life of the new and greatest Messiah, with certain alterations which clouded some of its deepest meanings.