Presiding over our Solar System in the Hierarchy, and all their staff of graded helpers, mentioned in the Bible as the Seven Spirits before the Throne, the Archangels, Angels, Cherubim and Seraphim. Humanity is in the School of Earth, graduating to be qualified to fill such exalted positions in the dim future. The first to pass these mystic examinations (called Initiations) will be ready to replace those of the celestial company who are promoted to higher positions. Having attained such status They have no longer any need of earth-lessons, but They sometimes elect to come back to help humanity and set them an example of the perfect human life, as did Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and many others in earliest history. In fact, we are told that the gods themselves instructed humanity at the dawn of history, at which time humanity was entirely conscious of the inner world and had gradually to learn to become aware of the crystallizing Physical Plane.

The gods, or those members of the hierarchy who are in charge of the elements and the different forces of Nature, have always been appreciated throughout the ages and worshipped in excellent symbolical form by such people as the Egyptians, the Assyrians and the Chinese. All these faiths in their original root form acknowledged the One God over all. For instance, if we study the revival of that pure religion as it was cultivated by King Akhnaton, we will see that he founded it upon a former faith, existing thousands of years previous to his time, which worshipped the one God.

We are told that humanity has had to pass through a long dark Age of Materialism in which to learn to master physical matter by its own means. This accomplished, it will rise once more from the ‘Maya’ or ‘Illusion’ of the importance of matter and focus its eyes upon the real inner world of causes and realities.

Human beings were built originally, we are told, with a special organ with which to register thefinervibrations of the physical world, the realm of the ethers.

This organ was known, as we have said, as the ‘Third Eye’. The ‘Third Eye’ is placed between the other two, at the root of the nose, and has its seat near the Pineal Gland. It is said that the earliest people of all used only that middle eye, and were known as the Cyclops. We are told that during the embryonic development of the human species, at first man’s only organ was one which he used to feel with, and to differentiate between heat and cold. In time this organ recessed, and thefirst sense, of touch, spread all over the nervous system and through the skin. Apparently man’s second organ to develop was his one ‘Eye’, which he used to see all ‘non-solid’ matter (which was all that existed at the time). As the earth solidified man developed his two physical eyes with which to view the solid world, and his second organ recessed, its etheric sight spreading all over the nervous system and having its seat in the solar plexus. It is said each of man’s five senses will eventually spread all over his body in the same way.

The capacity for sight in the ‘lower’ non-solid etheric portion of the physical plane is therefore one of the most primitive involuntary functions, which man shares with the animals. It is only when this ability is brought by will-power and training under the control of man’s higher faculties, and made to work in conjunction with the centres in his head, that it becomes of real value. Thus co-ordinated, all three activities are often classed under the heading of the ‘THIRD EYE’, and for the present it will simplify matters if we sometimes do this also.

As physical eyesight developed, the etheric eye recessed, but although dormant at present In most people, it is only awaiting development and training to be reawakened . this training is a part of deliberate mystical development, which was well understood and thoroughly provided for in the ancient temples. No high ruler or Pharoah was eligible without such training. The fact of his finished apprenticeship was announced by a nob upon the forehead of his statue, representing the awakened ‘Third Eye’, or by a serpent’s head rearing from his own show that he had raised the Kundalini serpent.

The Chinese mandarin wore a peacock’s feather in his head-dress to represent the same development.

The functioning of the ‘Third Eye’ puts the individual in touch with the greater part of the physical world, all that part which is invisible to the physical eyesight. The physical world is divided, as is all else, into seven interpenetrating planes or strata. These are solid, liquid, gaseous, and four kinds of ether. The physical eye can register or ‘see’ the vibrations of the first three. The ‘Third Eye’ can voluntarily register or ‘see’ the vibrations of the four ethers.

Certain creatures and types of activity (such as human beings and waterfalls!) have their final outer expression in solid form.

Many other beings and types of activity have their final outer expression in ether form or ‘etheric matter’ as it is called. For instance, we are told that the angels have an etheric body as their outer coat instead of a solid physical one as we have, and that this is because aeons ago, at the time when they went through the ‘human’ or individualizing stage, the ether was the densest condition of matter in existence.

When the ‘Third Eye’ is opened the individual begins to see all the manifold creatures and activities of the ether, and he approaches much nearer to the causes and realities of life. The mind can have power over everything which it can visualize. Therefore, while man is thus studying and learning to comprehend life in the ethers, he is able to develop the power to use and control some of this life.

He sees, for instance, exactly what his thoughts are and what happens to them. Once he has thoroughly comprehended the region of thought he uses and controls his thinking apparatus to much greater purpose.

He also studies the records of the earth’s history which exist in the ethers in photographic form. He also gains an acquaintance with the plane described as the Fourth Dimension, the power to penetrate with one’s sight or consciousness in every direction at once, and backwards and forwards through time.

Time and Space are physical attributes, but only an infinitesimal fraction of their limits can be apprehended by the senses while using their fleshly encasements.

The Yogi or Sage who wishes to know truth at first hand, and to study the workings of the universe, sets himself earnestly and patiently to reawaken his ‘Third Eye’ into activity, using time-worn and tested methods. He proceeds to study the conditions in each of the four ethers. He gradually accustoms himself to discriminate between and sum up the unaccustomed intricacies of interpenetrating, mobile and changing activities. The task is extraordinarily difficult and unimaginable to the ordinary man, but the Sage has access to instruction and help of which many of our less advanced mediums and psychics of the West are ignorant.

Truth is the essence of Purity, and therefore, as the Sage knows, can only be contacted by one of a like vibration.

Therefore the wise one acknowledges the first step to be the attaining of a condition of Purity - Purity of Motive and Purity of Living – a very little understood condition!

He next works to bring the brain under the complete subjection of his will instead of at the mercy of outside influences. By a series of carefully planned exercises he trains his mental equipment in much the same way as a dancer trains her muscles. The dancer gains complete control of her body at the cost of tremendous work and sacrifice. The Sage, for about the same cost of effort, gains complete control of the mind.

The mind is a very powerful instrument. We cannot say much about it at this juncture except that it can be compared with material of electrical consistuency which has, if concentrated to one point, the same burning quality as fire. If a mind is divided upon several thoughts its burning force is dispersed in various directions. If concentrated upon one point it becomes as a burning-glass to the ‘Sun’ of its own Ego.

The effort of the Yogi, or any spiritual aspirant, is directed towards achieving one-pointedness of the mind. With this sharp instrument he can then bore through all the shells of illusion to the very truth and essence of all life. He can then deliberately wield and mould with his mind creative patterns which will help to shape the future. He is no longer confined to the haphazard creative efforts of the average man. He can create from the inside with the invisible sources of things.

With such capacities he can heal, prophesy and teach from the source of Truth. Such attributes the true Christian also is dedicated to seek, because they are the ‘gifts of the Holy Ghost’.,

To do these things, however, it is not enough to have opened the ‘Third Eye’, or the Eye of the Soul. This knowledge of the universe must be linked with the highest creative force within the body before creative activity can follow.

The seat of this creative force is in the throat, in the Thyroid gland. When the magnetism of the soul dominates the body it draws up reserve force from the base of the spine, where it was used for the animal nature, to the throat, as we mentioned in the description of the Kundalini serpent. This fire of creative force can then be used for inspired creative work of various kinds. But the highest expression of the power of the throat centre lies in the spoken word. Godspokeand created the world. Christ spoke and called to the dying to arise and walk.

Man is a god in the making, and the goal is waiting before him. When once he has set his feet firmly upon the path of attainment his earnest aspirations will burn the dross out of his body and mind. Then by degrees the centres of force located within his seven major glands will be enabled to function. These centres, named by the Indianschakras, connect him with the knowledge of and power consciously to work in the different planes of matter.

Man’s whole mentality can by this means be re-oriented and changed from a limited conception of third-dimensional objective life to a broad understanding concerning the why and the wherefore of the universe and his own part in the scheme of things. He achieves a telepathic union with the Mind of the Being whose body is this solar system, sometimes spoken of as Cosmic Consciousness.

The science of self-development along these lines usually includes special dieting, fasting, breathing and posture, but the principal aspect of this training is known as Meditation.

The practice of Meditation is creeping into various of the Western cults and occult societies, under different guises, and, alas, in some cases, in incomplete and misconceived forms. However, the germ of the idea has already taken root in the West, and as everything is speeded up nowadays it may come to be more quickly understood than we could expect.

The third factor which is necessary for this attainment of man is the heart. Sequestered in one of the ventricals of the heart is what is called the ‘seed-atom’ of man’s physical body. It contains a minute image of the man himself, and his own body is said to be a large replica of it. This seed atom is the little record, the actual essence of the man’s personality, the link or channel between him and his soul. It holds the ‘silver chord’ to the heart, and when it is severed and ‘death’ occurs the seed-atom leaves the body and is preserved in the subtler realms until the man’s reincarnation, when he is formed from it again.

We can say, therefore, that the actual man himself, his real personality, his essence, his memory and all of him that will endure, dwells, in the last analysis, within the heart. For this reason all that man learns, through training and combining his physical brain with his higher mind, must be linked with his heart before it is really his. Christ said ‘As a man thinketh in hisheartso is he’, and ‘Where a man’s heart is there will his treasure be’.

The function, action and quality of the heart is Love. Love in its broadest sense is the desire for reunion with the divine Spirit of the Creator which permeates all life. Love is the magnet which holds all life together. Its attraction is so strong that nothing can resist it.

Through the direct access of the heart to the Divine Spirit of Love or Truth come those ‘intuitions’ which are always more reliable than the ‘thought-out’ processes of the brain – everything which you can love you can understand. Put limitations to Love and you limit life. That is what most of us do. We confine our love to one or two people and possessions, and close ourselves to the rest of life.

To reach the divine Truth, therefore, the heart must desire it, the heart must love it above all else. And then the power of the heart will link the man within it to his illumined mind and brain, the active Pineal Gland and Pituitary Body. The perfect Triangle will have been formed, the Triangle that has been drawn and symbolized and named in so many tongues.

Then the birth of the God in Man takes place – ‘Unless ye be reborn ….’ We must quote the Christ in this connection because His great work, we are told, was to flood the earth permanently with His own great Spirit of Love, to make it possible for humanity to attain this rebirth of the Soul through the pure straight channel of the Heart alone. Since His coming it has no longer been necessary to have strict occult training and deep mental development before spiritual heights can be achieved. From then onwards the heart has been able to reach illumination through direct union, through love and worship, with the great Christ spirit, and through following the standards set by Its embodiment in the man Jesus.

The sacrifice of the Christ spirit in thus bearing the heavy mantle of earth vibrations in order to support the faltering heart-beat of humanity has been greater than we are able to imagine. Humanity would appear to be very slow in taking advantage of it, and seems hardly able seen to grasp the standards set for it as yet.

‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’ – so simple and so clear! And quite enough to change this tortured earth to a lovely place.

‘Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.’ Here again we have the serpent as the age-old symbol of the Kundalini serpent which rises up the spine and links together the great Triangle. We can gather that Jesus Christ taught His disciples the science of Meditation. Often He took them apart into a high place (or plane). We read that one of them even reached the ‘third heaven’ and learned there of things which no man is allowed to tell.

The Buddha sat in Meditation for years until he had gained access to the Universal Knowledge.

Such great spirits have done much of the preliminary work for us and have shared with us their knowledge, so all we need do is to profit by it.

It is not necessary for all of us to travel the occult path, to study deeply and to train as mystics. We are all at different stages along the ‘Path’. We must not over-reach ourselves or we will have to retrace our steps. Many of us, in fact, may choose, subconsciously, to continue with our most vital inner development only during our hours of sleep, and to withhold our growing knowledge, for the time being, from our little waking brain. But it is never too early for any of us to take the quickest way – to begin to learn toLove, and to clear out all the accumulated rubbish of false thinking, intolerance and greed which is robbing us of the Light of Life.

Whether we choose to approach the Truth through the discipline of study, complex thought and abstruse language, or through the discipline of self-sacrifice and service, the essence of that which we seek remains the same – too simple for words or brain, just a letting go of fear and ambition for the self.

We are trying to overcome habits of thought embedded in our personalities for centuries. For some of us this may only be possible at our present stage through the constant drilling of words, words, words! Others may be able to short-circuit them by a tremendous effort of Love.

But however the goal is approached, and however, it is achieved, let it be borne in mind that the gate of man's deliverance, his birth as a god in human form, is heralded by the re-opening of the ‘Third Eye’, after which he will remain no longer blind to everything in life except the tiny excrescence which we call the physical World!

Finding of the Third Eye