After-death Communications

Memory Loss

This was another mystical topic that as a part of my childhood which I lost site of after my 1978 due t memory loss. Parent, family and friends were telling me tales of the times I had seen, heard or communication with 'invisibe beings.' I had no memories of the past and the ablility to see and hear invisible entities or spirits continued into my adult phase of life. Many were accusing me of using a form of divination or necromancy.


Now that I have recall of my childhood - the ablility to see and hear spirits was an after effect from my near death experience in 1st grade. I brought back messages aimed at various family members from relatives who had passed away; including those who passed away prior to my own birth. It was during one conversation with my Grandparents that I established the fact that I had to have permission from a high authority to do so. As a child, I didn't have worldly words for the two who had to grant permission for messages to be passed. I called them my 'real Dad and Mom.' The ones who bore my soul and gave me life. The use of the word "Mom" threw people off. At the age of 15, this particlar spirit (the one I had called my real and true Mom) stated a description of her could be found in a proverbal saying in a book of Proverbs. I found the reference to her identity in Proverbs Chapter 8 with the title of "Wisdom." There is specualtion amoung some scholars that "Wisdom" in the Old Testiment is the same as the "Holy Spirit" in the New Testiment. (See: Is Wisdom in Proverbs 8, the Holy Spirit?) For me, as a child, I had to be given permission in spirit prior to passing on messages from a departed spirit.

Two incidents that stand out in my mind were passing a message from my departed Great-Grandfather to my Grandfather. The other was passing on a message to a friend from his departed Grandfather.


I never sought after contact with spirits of the departed. When they came to me in visions or dreams they always stated it was in answer to a prayer given and followed a spiritual protocol. They came bearing messages on behalf of either the 'Father' or the "Mother." (Holy Spirit.)

The first contact I had was in 1978 shortly after my NDE when I had contact with the spirit of a friend who had passed away. I was told to continue my 'prayers' to the Father so they could continue to recieve permision to make contact with me. Without the "Father's" blessing - our contact together would not be possible. During the same time period the spirit of the man whom I was a 'godson' to came calling and his spirit told me it was in accordance to prayers he and I had shared together in my childhood.

In 1980 - I had a girlfriend who was only 17 when she passed away. I cried out to God for help dealing with her loss and her spirit showed up. Once again, I was told it was due to my plea to God for help in the matter. I hadn't called out to her spirit. I had called out to God. God sent her spirit to stand in place for the lesson and teachings that I counted as coming from the "Father."

I had trouble dealing with my grief and loss. My Grandfather suggested I find others who were dealing with the same sort of grief and loss so I gave a prayer to God to help lead me to others going through the same emotions I was battling. This led to a three year period where I acted as a medium on behalf of Spirit. I found myself being directed to various locations to find a grieving person suffering a loss of a loved one. The spirit that guided me to them would be the departed spirit they were mourning. This was all done by permission from the "Father" as well as the one I referred to as the "True Mother."

I would be sent to bring messages to Mother's grieving the loss of a son or daughter. Son's and Daughters grieiving the loss of a parent. A lover mounring the loss of a lover. A wife mounring the loss of a husband. A grandchild mourning the loss of a grandparent. A friend mourning the loss of a friend. I lost count of the many times spirit would come and direct me to a person in answer to my own prayer. I wanted to find others who were mourning as I was mourning and bring them comfort as I had been given comfort.

This opened up a pyschic type of awareness in me and many times I was approached by 'spirits' who came calling without the 'tone' (or signature of approval) from the Father or Mother. I had been warned by all the spirits I worked with not to comply with a request if it didn't bear the 'signature tone of approval' from the 'Father. I was told that some spirits operated on the earthly plane outside the realm of light and wouldn't be out to spread a message of love and kindness as much as they would be trying to spread 'evil.' An example that was given to me by a spirit.

"What if a brother passed away in the middle of a sibling rivaly with another brother. If the spirit of the brother was earth bound and not entering the light - then it was possible that his 'thoughts' would be to continue the sibling rivalry and try to take a jab at the human brother in an effort to hurt, harm or injury the brother left behind. In this case, the Father would not approve."

I was told I would have to take responsiblity for having a hand in spreading evil and bear the consequences for such a deed as well.

I have read the 'divination' or 'necromancy' is defined as summoning (call forth, evocation) a spirit as an apparition. I never called upon a spirit. I called upon God and God thought enough of the situation to send a spirit to me on God's behalf.

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