Soul Twin

Twin Spirit

My Mom stated that the first words out of my mouth as a babe was "where is my twin?" She told me this when I turned 18 after I had suffered the memory loss. This was also a dividing line between childhood and adulthood experiences dealing with the subject and theme of a twin to the soul or spiritual twin. Apparently from the conversations I had in 1978 - I had spoke about the 'twin' that had been concieved in the 'womb' of God prior to me being born in the physical womb of my Mother. I insisted that we had been seperated at birth and my twin had been born through the body of another Mother and we were looking for one another. Apparently, we had met when I was 17 and died a few short months after we met. The Doctors theorized this may have been a contributing factor in the memory loss that occured. He had died 2 months prior to my 'near death experience' during the car collision. When I came back from the 'other side' and returned to my physical body, the spirit of my twin returned with me. The spirit was not incarnated in a body and walked with me silently and invisible to the sight and sound of others. I was not deaf or blind to the pressence of this spirit who acted as a 'spirit guide' during the intial months of me re-adjusting to the loss of memories.

When I interviewed family members after my memory loss and NDE it seemed everyone had a story to tell about the 'twin' I spoke of often during childhood. My Grandfather, Grandmother and several Aunts and Uncles swore up and down I had given them 'hallucenations' because everyone had a story about the time they caught me talking to a shadowy and transparent light that showed up like a 'puff of smoke.'

My Grandmother told me the story of how she heard me in a bedroom alone chattering away with someone. She said she knew I was alone but kept hearing another child talking back to me. She opened the bedroom door to find me talking to a 'transparent' image of another child who stood back and disappeared in a puff of smoke when she entered the room. She said it happened so fast that she couldn't get a grip on what she had just seen. She couldn't tell if it was her imagination, a hallucentation or if she had in fact actually seen the 'spirit' of another child having an out of body experience and visiting me as I kept claiming throughout my childhood. Many felt this phantom 'twin' was a part of the family because his spirit had made itself known to many minds on many occasions throughout my growing years. My Mom told me that the talk and visitations ceased around the age of 12. I had told everyone throughout that period that my twin and I were destined to met in the flesh when I got older. No one (including myself) knew that our meeting would take place with a funeral on the horizon. Once again I had the mystical mind and the 'human' rational and logical mind division going on. (See: Compmartmentalization and Adult Experiences.) I didn't have to find old and hidden memories with this spirit. I was constantly waking up at night and finding his spirit sitting on the edge of my bed waiting to get together in an 'out of body' session during dreams to talk 'secrets' concerning my own path and journey through the world.

Sets of Twin Spirits

I moved to a new city when I was 18 and encountered a type of 'soul mate' with a reincarnation past that was different. It was revealed to me that this new 'soul mate' was the 'twin spirit' of one of the 'soul mates' I had met in the second wave of soulmates at the age of 14. In 1978, both of them were alive and I shared the revelation with both of them. My friend from my hometown declined to have a meeting to meet in person. I thought that he would be overjoyed to meet his 'spirit twin' in person. His reply was, "It should be God who introduces us to one another. Not you. If God wanted us to meet in this life time then God will arrange it to happen on his own without any help from you." I agreed with this and never brought up the subject to either one of them again. I had a chance to study how different they were and the unique qualities and charteristics they had in common. I had known physical twins in the past and it seemed that one was always introverted and the other extorvert, or more outward while the other was more inward. I felt that one would be more passive, shy and withdrawn while the other would be more outgoing, aggressive and energetic. The third wave of 'soul mate' encounters were the counterparts (or twins) to the second wave of soul mates I had encountered in 1974. The 3rd and 4th waves were combined meetings of the conterparts to the first two waves of soulmates. This went on from 1978 to 1983. The 3rd and 4th waves were not limited to a pairing from the past. There were other 'twins' showing up in my life and through a mystical process of collecting 'pearl moments' - I was able to study a pattern that kept emerging.

For me, the body of the 'soul' was different from the body of the human. There was a left and right hand to the physical body and much in the same way, there was the left side and right side to a soul. I looked at the 'physical body' to be a container for one spirit much like a glove fit onto a hand and covered it up. To me, the spirit was like a 'hand' that was attached to the 'soul' and the physical body and mind was a mask or 'glove' that fit over the hand. In our blind state and 'unknowing' human mind we were blind to the sight and sound of the soul itself but there was an attachment to two 'gloves' that went on at the same time. There was no 'division' other than through perception through the five-fold sesory range. When the 'focus' was shifted (as it had done during my NDE) then there is a heighten sense of awareness that takes place through a 'sixth sensory' range. The idea or thought that their a 'seperate' soul for each twin was an illusion. The soul is one body with two different 'spirits' attached to it much like the physical body has a set of hand attached to it. From 1972 to 1989, I came betwee 10 sets of twins which involved 19 (not counting myself) different soulmate encounters with a 'past life' association. Each set came with a spiritual verification process. There were others I suspected had a past life associaiton or 'twin set' to the encounter but I couldn't get a spiritual verification.