Near Death Experiences

Adult Experiences

My first adult experience was at the age of during a car collision. I experienced my 'spirit' outside of my physical body and was lost in daze of confusion for a short period. Then the classic sensation of being 'sucked up' through a straw toward a 'sphere of light' took place. I had several ways of describing this sensation. I described including bombarded by an intense light as if being hit by a speeding locomotive standing inside a tunnel. There was what I called three phases. There was the before - during and after phase. I do know it felt I was gone for a 'million years' prior to being returned to the physical body. My theory associated the 'million' year gap between the 'before and after' phase to why I had lost all sight of my previous memories associated with childhood. (See: Memoria.)

I spent five years searching for companions, friends and acquaintances I could speak to openly and confidentially about my vaporous recall of the 'during' stage when I was a spirit outside my body and my return to the 'sphere of light' I called home.

A decade later, in 1988, I had another 'near-death' experience during a medical crisis. Two paramedics arrived on the scene to take vitals and found none. The protocol was to ask friends at the scene if they felt I had been 'gone' too long to revive or - if they wanted to have me rushed to the hospital for resuscitation. According to the eyewitness testimony of eight friends on the scene, I had been without vitals for 15 minutes when the paramedics arrived. 30 minutes after the arrival of the paramedics, I coughed back to life. There were 8 friends, 2 paramedics, 2 Police Officers and 1 Doctor who wanted to talk to me about my 'ressurection' back to physical life. I told them I had spent five years trying to talk about the 'other side' and had learned it was impossible to put it into human words. I eventually consented to talk to them individually about the 'other side' and my trip to and from briefly. I told them,

"It woud take me a million years to actually descibe, define and outline everything that happens on that sort of trip home. I don't have a million years to waste. What happens to me is what happens to me. What happens to you is going to be what happens to you. 100 years from now - I would be out of breath trying to recapture the essence of my ride home - and you would probally already be on your ride there to see it for yourself. You will know soon enough what it is like when your time comes. We all eventually take that final ride home, one day or another, one way or another. I don't want to ruin your surprise."

I had spent a decade ducking the controversy from 'religious' minds. Even when I spoke to the group of witnesses, they all brought up their religious beliefs and felt my 'metaphors' or 'parables' went against their 'ideas of what heaven, God and the afterlife was supposed to be about. I was still suffering from the memory loss associated with childhood. Most of the rich experiences were hidden away in the undertow of my subconscious/unconscious mind. I had promised myself I wasn't going to try and talk about it out loud or outwardly until I had my memories of childhood back.

Childhood Experiences

At the age of 18, my Dad had stated that he felt I had died over a thousand times as a child. The memories started returning two decades later and it was like a slow avalanche of memories that bombarded and buried me in a mass. It was unbelievable for my own adult mind. My Dad was not far from the truth. The medical crisis was first diagnosed professionall in 1967 at the age of 7. I had experiences prior to that which went undetected because my parents found my 'expression' of it - too hard to believe with a rational mind. The 'attacks' or 'sezuires' intensified at the age of 7 and it was hard to keep them hidden. I was rushed to the hospital after my Mother found me laying under a bed without any sign of life. I coughed back to life prior to the ER. The shoe was on the othe foot because the Doctors found my Mom's statements too hard to believe. That I had been dead and lifeless during the drive to the ER. The shoe once again got put onto their feet when I passed out during a follow up visit while in their office. Two Doctors did prounounce me dead at the age of seven. A short time later, I coughed back to life. This time around, people started taking me halfway serious when I described the 'tunnel of light' I would be whisked away to - to go home and see my 'Real Dad' and 'Real Mom.' The controversy began for me at an early age. I literally grew up with one foot in the physical realm and the other foot in the spiritual realm. My attacks came frequent though my growing years and there was nothing medical science of the late 60's or early 70's could do to correct the cardiac condition that lead to the loss of consciousness and vital signs.



What changes typically occur in children following an NDE?

Like adults, children often show profound changes after an NDE.  Common changes include:

  • develop a hunger for knowledge and anything philosophical which often leads to unusual choices of reading material
  • often appear much more mature
  • difficulty relating to children their own age
  • communication with spirits, often labeled by children as angels or guides, and by parents as imaginary friends
  • increased sensitivity to medications, bright light, and loud noises

Possible changes can include:

  • increased intelligence
  • different ways of perceiving, including synesthesia (smelling color, seeing sounds, etc.)
  • increased psychic ability